Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To Serve

Charles (kindergarten) raised his hand right in the middle of one of my "everybody needs to be quiet" speeches and asks me, "Why are you teachers always tellin us to be quiet?"

Here's pretty much what came out of my mouth:

Well, uh, it's because we are trying to serve y'all.  You know, like when you go to get some Mc Donalds, you know, and you order a hamburger?  Those people working there are going to serve you.  It's like the guy is trying to fix you a hamburger and y'all  are all like, "HEY! WHAT'S GOING ON?  WHY YOU COOKIN THAT BURGER?   WHY DON'T YOU PUT SOME MORE KATSUP ON THAT BURGER? DO I GET A BURGER? CAN I HAVE ONE? CAN I? CAN I? CAN I?!!!!!" and y'all are driving him crazy and he can't even serve you any food!  
Well, you're here at school, and you're supposed to be ordering an education and the teachers are only trying to serve you. 

Of course, I lost them as soon as I mentioned Mickey D's.

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Anonymous said...

dang golden arches!!