Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Caleb has been having problems with biting other PreK'ers:

MR. BOWERS: Why did you bite him?
CALEB: He was being rude to me by touching my desk.
MR. BOWERS: Is that a good reason to bite someone? Listen, people don't bite each other, that's what animals do.


MR. BOWERS: Caleb bit ANOTHER kid.
ANOTHER TEACHER: Caleb! That's nasty! I talked to you about germs--you can get sick biting other kids!


MR. BOWERS: Caleb bit ANOTHER kid.
A DIFFERENT TEACHER: That's it! Mr. Bowers, wipe off Caleb's arm. Caleb give me your arm, I'm gonna bite you and let you see how it feels!

I like how A DIFFERENT TEACHER asked me to wipe off his arm. She must have heard ANOTHER TEACHER giving him the business from down the hall. Too bad she didn't hear me just telling him that people don't bite each other. They do. I forgot.


EliCa said...

DIFFERENT TEACHER is my kinda people! This is how I teach all my childrent heir manners...and well you've met Lili (odd that one).
Hey, I didn't say it was right, just that it's like 8 kinds of awesome!

Mr.Bowers said...

i'm gonna bite lili!!

Anonymous said...

Lol, poor kid :)

I bet that other one was touching his desk just to pi$$ him off, not fair. And he ends up listening to three teachers, instead of playing and biting, lol

Perla said...

I remember biting Sandra Molina during lunch one day and you took us aside and asked me if I was still hungry.
Good times (:
-Perla Dominguez

Mr.Bowers said...

Perla, you are so crazy! Sandra has a baby now!

Perla said...

I want to stop by to see you sometime this week *except Wednesday. When would it be a good time for you?

Mr.Bowers said...

we are testing this week, so no visitors--unless you are sneaky! I'm out monitoring in the T-Building hallways, so I'm free to visit in the mornings if you can get past the gaurds ;)